How To Book Your Coaching or Training

Coaching is where a certified coach aims to help you look at different areas of their your daily tasks that are holding you back and it empowers you to meet and exceed personal and professional goals. You may find that after working with me and breaking through those barriers, you will feel better and productive in your everyday tasks in work and your personal life.

How Do You Get Started

  • 1. Sign Up For The Free 1hr Consultation

    This is the introductory session to ensure that we are a right match to work with each other. You will be asked a few questions such as where are you needing help and where do you want to go. This is a friendly chat and like all other sessions are confidential and no obligation. This can be done via Skype, Facetime, Telephone or Email. You will need to set aside the full hour with no distractions.

  • 4. Monthly or Weekly Meetings

    Depending on which programme you agree to, we will consult weekly or monthly. This allows you to implement and work through what was agreed on your previous coaching session. Some programmes allow you to have daily phone emergency coaching calls.

  • 2. Selecting The Correct Coaching Package

    It is vital to our success that we agree the package to move forward and this needs to be completed within a short time after the free consultation. There are limited Coaching places available every month. Available packages are; 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months and 18 Months. Mastermind groups are also available to the 12 and 18-month programmes however it is available to the 3 and 6-month programmes at an additional cost.

  • 5. The End of Your Coaching

    Once your agreed programme ends, you will be able to sign up for our maintenance programme. This is an on-going/role on coaching programme or you can pay as you go. In all circumstances, you will have every option available to you.

  • 3. Payment of Your Coaching

    Payment is due on signing your coaching agreement. If you are experiencing difficulty or struggling with finances, we can agree on a payment plan. Generally, a payment plan will cost you a little more but will always be in advance of any coaching.

  • 6. How Do You Sign Up

    Simply contact us to book your free session to ensure you are right for the coaching and our journey together can be a success. If I feel we are not a match then I will give you contact details of a suitable associate.

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